The History of Deane Parish Church

This website contains information on Deane Church, its associated buildings and history. For information about the Church Family of Deane go to where you can find all the information about services, fellowship, uniformed groups and much, much more.

The Christian influence in the North West was brought by the Cistercian Monks who set up a monastery on the banks of the River Mersey at Stanton/Stanlawe/Stanlow.(Map reference SJ427773)

The monastery

They spread the word through the region and set up a church at Eccles, near Manchester. In turn, a chapel at Deane was built and the first documented priest, Thomas - a clerk of Eccles, officiated. This was around 1227.

In the year 1541 His Majesty King Henry VIII granted by Letters Patent that the chapel at Deane should be deemed to be a parish church. To find out more about Thomas and the priests who followed him over the past 800 years, along with the architecture, by taking the time to browse through the many pages of history.