Rev. Richard Hatton

Rev. Richard Hatton was appointed by Charles II to the living in 1673. He received his earlier education at Bolton Grammar School. There is some uncertainty about the date of his induction. For some time there was an attempt to retain the living for Angier, who was in sore straits, and Hatton's own family recorded on his gravestone after his death in 1712 that he had been vicar of Deane only for 35 years, that is since 1677. In the midst of religious controversy and persecution in the name of religion, which united Nonconformists and Roman Catholics against the Established Church, Vicar Hatton seems to have kept the even tenor of his ways. Near the end of his life it was written of him, "He preached against the sins of the times, and before the sermon he prayed for the Queen (Anne).

He was a man of unblameable life, not a frequenter of taverns; no gamester, swearing, railer or quarreller; not noted to be an intemperate drinker, grave and decent in his apparel, and in his behaviour he carried himself as becometh the gospel."