Archives at Manchester

The following records were transferred to Manchester Central Library as Diocesan Record Office from the Lancashire Record Office or deposited by Rev. R. B. Jackson in March 1982. The following may be a link.

Scope and Content
GB127.L85Deane, St. Mary 1656-1986
GB127.L85/1/1-4Parish Registers
GB127.L85/1/1Early Registers1636-1784
GB127.L85/1/1/1Baptisms, Marriages and Burialsc 1636 - 1686
GB127.L85/1/1/2Baptisms, Marriages and Burials1668 - 1784
GB127.L85/1/2Baptism Registers1785-1886
GB127.L85/1/2/1Baptism Register1 Jan. 1785 - 26 Dec. 1812
GB127.L85/1/2/2Baptism Register1 Jan. 1813 - 26 May 1822
GB127.L85/1/2/3Baptism Register26 May 1822-6 Oct 1833
GB127.L85/1/2/4Baptism Register6 Oct. 1833 - 12 Apr. 1846
GB127.L85/1/2/5Baptism Register12 Apr. 1846 - 18 Mar. 1860
GB127.L85/1/2/6Baptism Register25 Mar. 1860 - 7 Sept. 1873
GB127.L85/1/2/7Baptism Register7 Sept. 1873 - 15 Sept. 1886
GB127.L85/1/3Marriage Registers1754-1890
GB127.L85/1/3/1Marriage Register16 Apr. 1754 - 9 May 1769
GB127.L85/1/3/2Marriage Register25 May 1769 - 31 Dec. 1797
GB127.L85/1/3/3Marriage Register2 Jan. 1798 - 18 Oct. 1818
GB127.L85/1/3/4Marriage Register18 Oct. 1818 - 14 Jun. 1824
GB127.L85/1/3/5Marriage Register20 Jun 1824 - 19 Apr 1829
GB127.L85/1/3/6Marriage Register19 Apr. 1829 - 11 Sept. 1833
GB127.L85/1/3/7Marriage Register11 Sept. 1833 - 9 Oct. 1837
GB127.L85/1/3/8Marriage Register2 Jul. 1837 - 13 Oct. 1839
GB127.L85/1/3/9Marriage Register13 Oct. 1839 - 27 Feb. 1842
GB127.L85/1/3/10Marriage Register27 Feb. 1842 - 10 Jun. 1844
GB127.L85/1/3/11Marriage Register19 Jun. 1844 - 26 Oct. 1846
GB127.L85/1/3/12Marriage Register1 Nov. 1846 - 4 Nov. 1849
GB127.L85/1/3/13Marriage Register4 Nov. 1849 - 19 July 1852
GB127.L85/1/3/14Marriage Register19 July 1852 - 8 Apr. 1855
GB127.L85/1/3/15Marriage Register8 Apr. 1855 - 26 Sept. 1858
GB127.L85/1/3/16Marriage Register27 Sept. 1858 - 1 Jan. 1864
GB127.L85/1/3/17Marriage Register1 Jan. 1864 - 20 Aug. 1871
GB127.L85/1/3/18Marriage Register2 Sept. 1871 - 3 July 1879
GB127.L85/1/3/19Marriage Register5 July 1879 - 22 Mar. 1890
GB127.L85/1/4Burial Registers1781-1887
GB127.L85/1/4/1Burial Register2 Jan. 1781 - 30 Dec. 1791
GB127.L85/1/4/2Burial Register2 Jan. 1792 - 27 Dec. 1813
GB127.L85/1/4/3Burial Register4 Jan. 1813 - 18 Mar. 1823
GB127.L85/1/4/4Burial Register20 Mar. 1823 - 22 Feb. 1834
GB127.L85/1/4/5Burial Register23 Feb. 1834 - 14 Jan. 1844
GB127.L85/1/4/6Burial Register17 Jan. 1844 - 8 Jan. 1854
GB127.L85/1/4/7Burial Register8 Jan. 1854 - 29 Apr. 1862
GB127.L85/1/4/8Burial Register31 Apr. 1862 - 12 Dec. 1873
GB127.L85/1/4/9Burial Register17 Dec. 1873 - 11 Mar. 1887
GB127.L85/1/5Banns Books1935-1972
GB127.L85/1/5/1Banns book21 July 1935 - 10 Oct. 1948
GB127.L85/1/5/2Banns book26 Sept. 1948 - 22 May 1960
GB127.L85/1/5/3Banns book15 May 1960 - 23 July 1972
GB127.L85/1/6Drafts for Register Entries1783-1823
GB127.L85/1/6/1Draft entries for baptism registerOct. 1783 - 1813
GB127.L85/1/6/2Drafts for burial registers1792 - 1812
GB127.L85/1/6/3Lists of banns calledNov. 1822 - Mar. 1823
GB127.L85/1/7Miscellaneous Papers about RegistersWatermarked 1802
GB127.L85/1/8Confirmation Registers22 Apr. 1942 - 17 Nov. 1965
GB127.L85/1/9Registers of Services
GB127.L85/1/9/1Register of Services25 Apr. 1886 - 20 Sept. 1914
GB127.L85/1/9/2Register of Services21 Sept. 1914 - 25 Nov. 1923
GB127.L85/1/9/3Register of Services30 Nov. 1923 - 3 Feb. 1950
GB127.L85/1/9/4Register of Services5 Feb. 1950 - 4 Sept. 1955
GB127.L85/1/9/5Register of Services7 Sept. 1955 - 2 Feb. 1961
GB127.L85/1/9/6Register of Services1 Feb. 1961 - 12 June 1966
GB127.L85/1/9/7Register of Services15 June 1966 - 8 Oct. 1971
GB127.L85/1/10Licences for Divine Service
GB127.L85/1/10/1Licence for services in St. Margaret's School, Daubhill.26 June 1877
GB127.L85/1/10/2Licence for service in Dean School during repairs to church.8 July 1877
GB127.L85/1/11Curates1 Nov. 1888
GB127.L85/1/12Property of the Curates of Horwich in Tottington
GB127.L85/1/12/1Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.17 Oct. 1722
GB127.L85/1/12/2-3Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.15 Oct. 1729
GB127.L85/1/12/4Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.15 Oct. 1729
GB127.L85/1/12/5Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.3 May 1732
GB127.L85/1/12/6Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.13 Oct. 1732
GB127.L85/1/12/7Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.23 Apr. 1735
GB127.L85/1/12/8Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.1768
GB127.L85/1/12/9Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.26 Oct. 1768
GB127.L85/1/12/10Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.n.d.
GB127.L85/1/12/11Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.30 Apr. 1778
GB127.L85/1/12/12Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.22 Oct. 1788
GB127.L85/1/12/13Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington.22 Nov. 1788
GB127.L85/1/13Property in Horwich1770 - 1783
GB127.L85/1/14Westhoughton Chapelry, later St. Bartholomew's
GB127.L85/1/14/1Memorandum by James Rothwell, vicar of Deane about his appointments to Westhoughton chapel, 1720 - 17553 Apr. 1755
GB127.L85/1/14/2Dimensions of Westhoughton chapel and number of seats. No date (19th.c.?)
GB127.L85/1/14/3Copy of tithe apportionment for Westhoughton. Tithes allotted to the incumbent of Westhoughton.13 Mar. 1846
GB127.L85/1/15St. John the Evangelist, Wingates
GB127.L85/1/15/1Correspondence28 Oct. 1857
GB127.L85/1/15/2CircularJune 1859
GB127.L85/1/15/3MemorandumNo date
GB127.L85/1/16Correspondence re: St. John the Baptist, Little Hulton24 Feb. 1877
GB127.L85/1/17Christ Church, Heaton
GB127.L85/1/17/1Licence for divine service in an iron building called Christ Church, Heaton, as temporary chapel of ease.31 Jan. 1878
GB127.L85/1/17/2Booklet "Appeal - New Church for Heaton - 1891", by Rev. H. Sheridan Patterson, vicar of Deane setting forth his hopes for the new church.15 Jan. 1891
GB127.L85/1/17/3Minutes of meetings for the new church31 Jan. - 4 Apr. 1891
GB127.L85/1/17/4-11Letters from Rev. F. La Mothe, curate for Christ Church, to Rev. Patterson requesting payment of his stipend.28 Aug. - 5 Dec. 1893
GB127.L85/1/17/12List of sickUndated
GB127.L85/1/17/13Agreement of Rev. H.S. Patterson that in return for £136-6-2½ from Christ Church, Heaton, he will make no further demands on the services of the curate responsible for Christ Church.8 Mar. 1894
GB127.L85/1/17/14-16Letter from Gilbert J. French of Bolton, solicitor, to Rev. Patterson sending copy of arrangements agreed by latter for new church of which is he is patron, 24 Feb. 1894.28 Mar. 1894
GB127.L85/1/18/1-3Letters to Rev. H.S. Patterson as patron of Christ Church with draft scheme for St. Margaret's, to be taken from Christ Church and St. Luke's, Halliwell.17 July 1906
GB127.L85/1/19Letter re: St. Thomas and St. John, Lostock20 Oct. 1911
GB127.L85/1/20Miscellaneous14 June 1900
GB127.L85/1/21Grave Registers
GB127.L85/1/21/1Grave register, Division AWatermarked 1865
GB127.L85/1/21/2Grave register, Division BWatermarked 1865
GB127.L85/1/21/3Grave register, Division CWatermarked 1865
GB127.L85/1/21/4Grave registerpost 4 Mar. 1876
GB127.L85/1/21/5Schedule of gravesJune 1964
GB127.L85/1/22Addition to Churchyard
GB127.L85/1/22/1Bargain and sale by Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell, esq., William Hulton of Hulton, esq., and John Blackburn of Orford, esq. to the Rev. Robert Latham of Rumworth, M.A., Vicar of Deane of a plot of land, a part of Dean Moor, adjoining the churchyard. (3,926 sq.yds), for use as a burial place.22 Jan. 1796
GB127.L85/1/22/2Petition of the Rev. Robert Latham, M.A., Vicar of Dean, to the Bishop of Chester to consecrate additional burying ground.Undated
GB127.L85/1/23Letter to Rev. Latham from Edward Kenyon sending legal opinion of his brother, Ll[oyd] Kenyon of Lincoln's Inn, in a dispute between the vicar and the lay rectors over ownership of trees in the churchyard.31 May 1777
GB127.L85/1/24Property in Rumworth
GB127.L85/1/24/1-2Certificate of contract for the redemption of land tax of Robert Latham, of Rumworth, clerk, for the Vicarage House, a farm house, shop, barn, land and dwelling house in Rumworth: charge £1.20 May 1799
GB127.L85/1/24/3Lease for 21 years by Rev. Thomas Brocklebank, vicar of Deane, to Matthew Corr Dawes of Great Bolton, common brewer, and Thomas Sterndale Fogg of Manchseter, common brewer of 3 plots of land on Deane Moor, awarded by Inclosure Award, of 17 Oct. 1818; rent for the first two years one peppercorn, and for the remaining 19 years £ Feb. 1819
GB127.L85/1/25Grant of Easement19 Feb. 1878
GB127.L85/1/26Proposed Bridge over Railway at Deane Clough
GB127.L85/1/26/1Letter to Rev. H.S. Patterson from John Lewis of Tempest Estate Office, Bolton, giving estimate for cost of a bridge over the Middle Brook.15 Sept. 1891
GB127.L85/1/26/2Petition of Rev. H.S. Patterson against the Lancashire and Yorks. Railway Bill, 1892 (printed).1892
GB127.L85/1/26/3-6Letters to Rev. Patterson from Gilbert J. French of Bolton, solicitor, about negotiations with the Railway Co., about a bridge proposed by Rev. Patterson to cross the railway at Deane Clough, with copy letter from Charles Moorhouse for the Railway Co., 27 Feb.23 Feb. - 7 Apr. 1892
GB127.L85/1/26/7-12Newspaper cuttings and notes on proposed bridge23 Feb. 1892 and no date
GB127.L85/1/27Land Adjoining the Vulcan Inn, DeaneMar. 1895
GB127.L85/1/28Proposed Building Development, Deane
GB127.L85/1/28/1Letter to Rev. H.S. Patterson from Halifax Wyatt of Liverpool about proposed development. Refers to agreement with Lancashire and Yorks. Railway Co. for high level bridge. (see also L85/1/23 above).15 Sept. 1895
GB127.L85/1/28/2Plan of proposed streets around church and vicarage.Undated
GB127.L85/1/28/3Plan of Deane Glebe Proposed Building Estate.1898
GB127.L85/1/28/4Plan of proposed streets.Undated
GB127.L85/1/29Maintenance of Deane Clough Pathway14 Jan. 1910
GB127.L85/1/30/1Rent accounts for half year ending 12 May and receipts from Bradshaw's bequest, 1 July 1905
GB127.L85/1/30/2-11Warrant for stipend from the Ecclesiastical CommissionJuly 1905 - Oct. 1910
GB127.L85/1/30/12Letter to Rev. H.S. Patterson from the Ecclesiastical Commission notifying him of sale of London County 3% Stock.11 Aug. 1910
GB127.L85/1/31/1Mortgage by Rev. Edward Girdlestone, vicar of Deane, to the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty of glebe lands and other sources of income, for £295 for 35 years in order to build a parsonage4 Mar. 1848
GB127.L85/1/31/2Letter to Rev. H.S. Patterson from the Lands Improvement Company, Westminster, about a loan for improvements to the vicarage.1 Sept. 1910
GB127.L85/2/1/1Accounts2 Aug. 1723 - 22 Apr. 1772
GB127.L85/2/1/2Accounts14 May 1772 - 21 Apr. 1829
GB127.L85/2/1/3Accounts21 Apr. 1829 - 25 Mar. 1845
GB127.L85/2/1/5Accounts28 Mar. 1869 - 16 Apr. 1897
GB127.L85/2/1/6Accounts18 Apr. 1897 - 7 Feb. 1922
GB127.L85/2/1/7Accounts1 Jan. 1922 - 31 Dec. 1948
GB127.L85/2/2Accounts and Offerings1859 - 1886
GB127.L85/2/3Various Accounts and Collections
GB127.L85/2/3/1Various Accounts and Collections14 Apr. 1901 - 27 Mar. 1910
GB127.L85/2/3/2Various Accounts and Collections23 Mar. 1910 - 25 Mar. 1917
GB127.L85/2/4Cash Book23 Mar. 1910 - 11 Jan. 1914
GB127.L85/2/5Deeds of Pews
GB127.L85/2/5/1Gift by James Tong of Farnworth, yeoman, to John Markland of Bolton, yeoman, his son-in-law, of pew in new gallery of Deane church in which the base singers sit and sing23 Oct. 1786
GB127.L85/2/5/2Bargain and sale for £24-15-0 by John Markland of same pew to the churchwarden for use of the parishioners.7 Feb. 1807
GB127.L85/2/6Pew Rent Accounts30 June 1869 - Apr. 1884
GB127.L85/2/7Memorial Hall Accounts2 Jan. 1946 - 31 Dec. 1973
GB127.L85/2/8Extra Fees for Burials of Non-ParishionersSept. 1882 - Nov. 1886
GB127.L85/2/9Annual Statements of AccountsEaster 1904
GB127.L85/2/10BillsApr. 1768 - Dec. 1771
GB127.L85/2/11Bequests20 Sept. 1665
GB127.L85/2/12Churchwardens' and Vestry Minutes
GB127.L85/2/12/1Churchwardens' and Vestry minutes, 18 June 1818 - 15 Oct. 1883; minutes of Executive Committee for Restoration of the Church, 4 Dec. 1883 - 15 May 1884, includes accounts for Restoration, May 1884 - May 1885.June 1818 - May 1885
GB127.L85/2/12/2Minutes of Committee for Restoration of Deane Church, 12 June 1884 - 17 Dec. 1886; Vestry minutes, 27 Apr. 1886 - 16 Apr. 1974; includes annual statements of accounts.June 1884 - Apr. 1974
GB127.L85/2/13Churchwardens' and Sidesmens' Minutes
GB127.L85/2/13/1Churchwardens' and Sidesmens' Minutes18 May 1904 - 21 Mar. 1915
GB127.L85/2/13/2Churchwardens' and Sidesmens' Minutes21 Apr. 1915 - 30 Jan. 1935
GB127.L85/2/14Orderly Book for the Churchwardens of Deane, 18075 July [1807] - 8 Feb. 1829
GB127.L85/2/15/1Faculty: For a pew for the vicar and his family.2 July 1819
GB127.L85/2/15/2Faculty: To confirm erection of an organ.19 Jan. 1827
GB127.L85/2/15/3Faculty: For two new galleries and other alterations.4 July 1833
GB127.L85/2/15/4Faculty: Citation for faculty for new roof in nave and chancel.7 Mar. 1884
GB127.L85/2/15/5Faculty: For organ chamber.6 May 1887
GB127.L85/2/15/6Faculty: For a screen.5 Apr. 1889
GB127.L85/2/15/7-8Faculty: Letters to Rev. H.S. Patterson from E.P. Charlewood, Diocesan Registrar, re above.30 Apr. and 1 May 1889
GB127.L85/2/15/9-10Faculty: Citation and faculty for lych gate.2 and 17 Oct. 1902
GB127.L85/2/15/11-12Faculty: Citation and faculty for memorial tablet to 2nd Lt. John Young Alex. Line, son of Rev. John Russell Line, vicar.17 Nov. and 6 Dec. 1915
GB127.L85/2/15/13Faculty: For memorial tablet to Lt. Alan Edw. Grey Hulton, barrister at law, died 1915.9 Jan. 1923
GB127.L85/2/16Repairs to the Church
GB127.L85/2/16/1Note re: repairsUndated
GB127.L85/2/16/2Report: Report by R. Knill Freeman, F.R.I.B.A., of Bolton, on the roof of the church.28 Sept. 1883
GB127.L85/2/16/3Drawing: Lithograph drawing by R.K. Freeman of old oak roof, Deane church.Nov. 1883
GB127.L85/2/16/4Report: Report of Austin and Paley, archts., of Lancaster on the church, with amended first page.24 Jan. 1913
GB127.L85/2/17/1Plan of Saxton's House and yard at Deane church.Oct. 1813
GB127.L85/2/17/2Plan of church with measurements.Undated
GB127.L85/2/18/1-5Specifications of Edward Wadsworth and Bro., organ builders of Salford, for alterations to organ, and letters from same to - Miles.28 Jan. - 4 Feb. 1878
GB127.L85/2/18/6Notes on the organ, with additional note 1901.Mar. 1887
GB127.L85/2/19Inventory of Parish Records By Rev. W.H. Green. 9 May 1895, with additions to 1954 Includes plate, 1933
GB127.L85/2/20Description of Stained Glass Windows.Apr 1985
GB127.L85/3/1/1Minutes26 Apr. 1920 - 28 Jan. 1936
GB127.L85/3/1/2Minutes2 Apr. 1936 - 23 Jan. 1950
GB127.L85/3/1/3Minutes28 Feb. 1950 - 20 Mar. 1961
GB127.L85/3/1/4Minutes4 Apr. 1961 - 13 May 1974
GB127.L85/3/2Electoral Rollc 1967
GB127.L85/4/1Deane Institute and Gymnasium
GB127.L85/4/1/1Ground PlanUndated
GB127.L85/4/1/4Block plan of property at corner at Junctions Road and Patterson St.Undated
GB127.L85/5/1John Guest's
GB127.L85/5/1/1Bargain and sale by lease and release for £75 by (i) Sam Houghton, Thomas Howell of Great Bolton, gents., Thomas Seddon of Westhoughton, James Platt of Rumworth, Hampson Lomax of Great Bolton, James Fletcher of Westhoughton, Commissioners of an Act passed 1800 for "improving .. the road from Bolton to near Westhoughton Chapel". (ii) Rev. Edward Girdlestone, vicar of Deane, (iii) William Holme of Rumworth and William Longworth of Heaton, yeoman churchwardens of Deane, to (iv) Thomas Ridgway of Wallsuches, Peter Ainsworth of Smithills Hall, and Benjamin Rawson, jun., of Darley, esq. of materials of the useless toll house near Deane Church Toll Bar, together with the site and a dwelling house lately erected, on trust to distribute the income to the poor of Deane in accordance with the charitable bequest of John Guest, 28 Sept. 1653, who left £3.15.0 annual rent from property in Alarm in trust to the vicars of Winwick, Leigh, Wigan, Deane, Radcliffe, Bolton, Bury and Middleton, to buy Linen for the poor. Plan (12 x 13 cms.)27 and 28 Apr. 1831
GB127.L85/5/1/2-3Matthew Dawes's bill and receipt for legal fees.4 Feb. and 24 Apr. 1832
GB127.L85/5/1/4Note on Guest's charity.No date
GB127.L85/5/2John Laithwaite's: Assignment to overseers of the poor and trustees of land of the poor of Rumworth, of £10 left by John Laithwaite of Rumworth by his will, 10 Oct. 1728, for bread for the poor of Rumworth.14 Jan. 1760
GB127.L85/5/3Henry Mather's
GB127.L85/5/3/1Henry Mather's: Notes on trust deeds 1752 and 1757 whereby Hen. Mather of Tong with Haulgh conveyed six pews in Bolton Parish Church and three cottages at High Stile, Kearsley to trustees (including the vicar of Deane) to use the proceeds to educate poor orphans or children of poor parents in Kearsley, Bolton and Tonge with Haugh, at a school he had erected in Kearsley.Undated
GB127.L85/5/3/2Henry Mather's Charity: As L85/5/3/1 with notes on the interest produced, 1762 and 1786, and notes on Geo. Seddon's charity for Farnworth.
GB127.L85/5/3/3Henry Mather's Charity: Bill for board and schooling for eight boys by Mr. Mather's Charity at Highstile.24 Jan. 1787
GB127.L85/6/1Trustees Minutes and Accounts: Minutes, 30 Nov. 1787 - 6 Oct. 1864; accounts, Oct. 1786 - 6 Oct. 1864; accounts, Oct. 1786 - Dec. 1868; includes schedule of deeds, 20 Oct. 1663 - 18 Oct. 1786.1786 - 1868
GB127.L85/6/2Accounts: Annual statement28 Feb. 1874
GB127.L85/6/3Trust Deeds (copyhold property in Tottington)
GB127.L85/6/3/1Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington: To the use of Thos. Warburton land (7a.) near Slate Pit, Affetside, surrendered by Chas. Nuttall of Holcombe innkeeper, cousin and heir of Chas. Nuttall late of Nuttall, gent., deceased on 28 Jan. 1656/57, for £6.10 Apr. 1657
GB127.L85/6/3/2Admittances in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington: To the use of John Tildsley, Adam Robinson, Richard Leighe, Dyonisius Grundie, John Muncks, Robt. Foster, Wm. Horrocke, John Platt, Adam Whittle, and Jas. Horrocke, all of Rumworth - 1 messuage, one orchard, two cottages, and land (16a) lately part of the common called Affetside called le Greenelande, le Nearer Medowe, le further medowe, le Roughe close, le Marled earth, le Milner medowe, le Whitehill and Highmose close. (16a) - at annual rent of 8/-: surrendered by Thos. Warburton of Tottington and Eliz. his wife, 14 May. 1661, for £227.14 May 1661
GB127.L85/6/3/3Bond for £100: (i) John Brooke of Harwood, yeoman, and Edward Barlowe of Tottington, husbandman, to (ii) John Tildsley, clerk, Adam Robinson, gent, Richard Leigh, Dyonisius Grundy, John Moncks, Robert Foster, William Horrocks, John Platt, Adam Whittle, James Horrocks, yeomen, all of Rumworth: to perform covenants.24 June 1663
GB127.L85/6/3/4Covenant to surrender land in the manor court of Tottington, for the better performance of the trust. (i) As (ii) in 3 to (ii) Adam Robinson the younger (eldest son and heir of A.R.) and John Marsh of Rumworth, Yeoman - property as in 2 - upon trust that they shall keep and maintain the poor of Rumworth with the rents from the land, which is to be let. Quotes order made in the Chancery Court 15 Oct. 1650, whereby parties in (i) were made trustees of £200 part of sum left by Ralph and James Crompton; also lease of property to John Brooke and Edward Barlowe.20 Oct. 1663
GB127.L85/6/3/5Release in the halmot court of the manor of Tottington by James Lomax of Tottington, weaver, and his wife Margaret to John Rothwell of Tottington, tailor, (son of Margaret by a former husband), of cottage called Old Guys, in Tottington, now in possession of J.R., surrendered to him by the trustees, for term of 99 years, for 45/-.4 Oct. 1738
GB127.L85/6/3/6Admittance of Adam Barlow and James Jackson to house and land called Pit Field, the Acre, Walshaw Gate Close and Clough Bank, and a cottage called Birchen Bower and land called the Meadow, Garsey Brow, Little Brow, New Limed, Middle Close and Two Highere Closes, surrendered by Robert Hindley of Westhoughton, gent, Richard Edge of Middle Hulton, gent., George Kenyon, esq., Robert Bullough, gent, both of Little Hulton, James Rothwell, clerk, James Greenhalgh, Nath. Nuttall, gent. all of Rumworth, Pierce Starkie, esq., Oliver Morris, gent., both of Heaton, and Roger Dewhurst of Halliwell, gent. (the surviving trustees) for a term of 21 yrs, 11 Apr. 1757, at 6/10 rent.14 Apr. 1737
GB127.L85/6/3/7Lease for 21 yrs. by Roger Dewhurst of Halliwell, esq. and Richard Edge of Middle Hulton, gent. (the surviving feoffees) to Adam Barlow, farmer, and James Barlow, weaver, to his son of Tottington Lower End, of property described firstly in 6 above (6a) at £9.10.0, rent and £10 for each acre ploughed or dug up - to be paid to the school master. A.B. and J.B. to build a house, and to do suit at halmot court.9 Dec. 1782
GB127.L85/6/3/8Lease for 20 yrs. by (i) Robert Dewhurst of Halliwell, esq. William Hulton of Hulton, esq. John Kearsley of Manchester, merch., James Edge and John Edge, both of Middle Hulton, merchants, Joseph Yates of Little Hulton, esq. Henry Hulton of Hulton, esq., William Green of Houghton, chapman, Samuel Aspinwall of Liverpool, gent, Henry Atherton of London, gent., William Makant of Halliwell, yeoman, Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell, esq., Charles Robert Blundell, James Kay of Heaton, yeoman, Robert Greenhalgh of Horwich, chapman, Henry Pilkington of Horwich, yeoman, Rev. Chris. Whitehead, Peter Rasbotham, chapman, both of Farnworth, Egerton Cross of Kearsley, esq., John Seddon of Pilkington, yeoman, John Taylor of Bolton, Doctor of Physick, Rev. Robert Latham of Rumworth (feoffees in trust of the copyhold messuage) to (ii) Robert Jackson of Tottington, farmer - of property described secondly in 6 above (7a) £12 rent and £10 per acre ploughed or dug up. R.J. to build house and to do suit at the halmot court.31 July 1789
GB127.L85/6/3/9Admittance in the halmot court of Tottington to the use of Joseph Yates, late of Little Hulton, now of Grosvenor Sq., Middlesex, esq., Henry Hulton, late of Hulton Park, now of Preston, William Green of Westhoughton, chapman, Charles Robert Blundell, of Ince Blundell, esq., Rev. Chris. Whitehead, late of Farnworth, now Eastham, Worcs., Peter Rasbotham, late of Farnworth, now of Walford, Staffs, esq., Rev. Thomas Brocklebank of Rumworth, William Hulton of Hulton Park, esq., Le Gendre Starkie of Huntroyd, esq., Richard Ainsworth, Peter Ainsworth, esqs., both of Halliwell, James Kearsley of Over Hulton, esq., Joseph Ridgway of Horwich, esq., Thomas Ridgway of Horwich, gent., Thomas Ridgway Bridson of Horwich, gent. Benjamin Rawson of Farnworth, esq., Benjamin Rawson, jun. of Farnworth, esq., John Sharples of Horwich, gent., Thomas Heelis of Rumworth, Matthew Carr Dawes of Great Bolton, brewer, Peter Seddon of Middle Hulton, yeoman, Robert Latham of Halliwell, yeoman, John Livesey of Farnworth, paper-maker, and Richard Woodward of Over hulton, gen. of two messuages and land (13a) in Tottington at 6/10½ rent, surrendered by J.Y., H.H., W.G., C.R.B., C.W., and P.R., 5 Oct. 1819.28 Oct. 1819
GB127.L85/6/3/10Abstract of title of the trustees for Deane school to a copyhold estate at Tottington, 3 May 1659 - 28 Oct. 1819.Watermarked 1811
GB127.L85/6/3/11Agreement to let by James Rowland Simpson and Henry Poole, cotton spinners, both of Deane (acting trustees) to Tim. Greenhalgh of Tottington Lower End, farmer: Birchen Bower Farm, Tottington Lower End (17a) for five yrs., at £40 rent.14 Aug. 1878
GB127.L85/6/4Letter about Trust: Letter to [Roger] Dewhurst of Halliwell, esq., trustee, from Edm. Haworth of Turton, suggesting he and Mr. Edge, the only two surviving feoffees, surrender the school property in Tottington in order to appoint new feoffees.4 Mar. 1782
GB127.L85/6/5Charity Commissioners Scheme and Order
GB127.L85/6/5/1-3Scheme (printed booklet)18 Feb. 1870
GB127.L85/6/5/4Order for transfer of annuities to trustees.29 Sept. 1891
GB127.L85/6/6Building of a New School, Deane, 1882
GB127.L85/6/6/1aPlan, section and front elevation.
GB127.L85/6/6/1a, bPlans for a new school, Deane. Ink and watercolours on tracing cloth. Archt: John Morris. Size: 69 x 51 cms.12 Aug. 1881
GB127.L85/6/6/bSite plan: Scale: 1 inch = 20 ft.
GB127.L85/6/6/2Circular: Draft circular re meeting of trustees to discuss financial problems over building the new school9 Dec. 1881
GB127.L85/6/6/3-5Letters: Letters to Mr. Horsfield from W.W.B. Hulton of Hulton Park. Refers to dispute with the architect.12 Dec. 1881 - 9 Jan. 1882
GB127.L85/6/6/6Circular: Draft circular about meeting to discuss fact that the contractor is not building according to specifications.Undated
GB127.L85/6/6/7Report: Report of irregularities in the building of the new school at Deane.16 Jan. 1882
GB127.L85/6/6/8Letter: Letter to the Building Committee from John Morris of Bolton, archt., declining to adopt a course suggested in a draft memorandum of agreement.23 Jan. 1882
GB127.L85/6/6/9-11Letters: Letters to John Horsfield from Hen. Littler of Manchester, architect and report by the same on the school, 28 Jan.24 - 28 Jan. 1882
GB127.L85/6/6/12-13Correspondence: Postcard and letter from Rev. H.S. Patterson to J. Horsfield asking him to send specifications to Mr. Heaton.Postmarked 7 Feb. 1882 and Undated
GB127.L85/6/6/14Plans: Ground and cellar plans of new school. Ink and watercolours on tracing paper. Archt: John Morris of Bolton. Scale: 1 inch = 8 Ft. Size: 33 x 52 cms.9 Feb. 1882
GB127.L85/6/6/15-16Estimate & Letter: Estimate of Larmouth and Sidebotham of Salford, school furnishers, for equipment, and letter from same to John Horsfield.13 Mar. and 25 Apr. 1882
GB127.L85/6/7Westhoughton School
GB127.L85/6/7/1"A Word of Intelligence to a new Trustee", history of the school from its foundation in 1739 to 1768. "Statutes and Constitution for the School of Westhoughton ..."28 Dec. 1769.
GB127.L85/6/7/2Copy of trust Deeds: Agreement of (i) Rich. Garnet of Westhoughton, tailor, Ralph Layland of Bristol, merch., Rev. Robt. Harvey, curate of Westhoughton, and (ii) Rev. Jas. Rothwell, vicar of Deane, Thos. Farnworth, Robt. Leigh, of Westhoughton, yeo. Isaac Garnett of Over Hulton, weaver, Jas. Green, yeo., Ralph Layland, husbandman, Wm. Roscow, Robt. Hindley, Giles Hulton, Thos., Sale, John Marsh, Jas. Kersley, yeomen, and Geo. Green, chapman, all of Westhoughton, and trustees with the said R.H. for Westhoughton School, to place out at interest sums of 5, 50 and 10 advanced by R.G., R.L., and R.H. respectively, and to pay the interest yearly to the Schoolmaster who is to be appointed by the trustees. Agreement concerning the appointment of trustees.12 Sept. 1745
GB127.L85/6/7/3Copy of trust Deeds: Agreement of (i) Rev. Jas. Rothwell, vicar of Dean, Rev. John Chisnal, curate of Westhoughton, Thos. Farnworth of Little Hulton, gen., Jas. Green of Westhoughton, Ralph Layland of Aspull, Thos. Sale, yeomen, Geo. Green, chapman, all of Westhoughton (surviving trustees for Westhoughton School) and (ii) Wm. Hulton of Hulton, esq., Geo. Kenyon of Peel, jun., esq., Rev. Thos. Shaw, headmaster of the free school at Bolton, Thos. Layland of Hindley, husbandman, Geo. Green of Westhoughton, chapman, Thos. Gerrard, jun. of Rumworth, yeo., Isaac Garnett of Shakerley, yeo., (hereby appointed trustees), to put out at interest sums mentioned in 2, also sums of 5, 10 and 5.5.0. given by John Tonge late of Westhoughton deceased, Jas. Miller, late of Westhoughton, deceased, and Thos. Farnworth of Little Hilton, gen., on trust as in 3.1 May 1759
GB127.L85/6/7/4Copy of Trust deed: Notes showing the differences between the old trust deed of Westhoughton School, dated 12 Sept. 1745, and the new deed, 1 May, 1759.Undated
GB127.L85/6/7/5Copy of Trust deed: Agreement of (i) Rev. Robt. Latham, vicar of Deane, Rev. Thos. Whitehead, curate of Westhoughton, Thos. Gerrard of Rumworth, yeoman, Geo. Green and Thos. Layland, both of Westhoughton, yeo. (surviving trustees) and (ii) Wm. Hulton, esq., of Hulton, Wm. Green, merch. Thos. Green, John Hargreaves, gents., John Hindley, yeo., Rich. Pennington, Jas. Rogers, cotton manufacturers, all of Westhoughton, Roger Pendlebury of Lostock and Gerrard Pendlebury of Westhoughton, cotton manufacturers, to put out at interest the sums of money mentioned in 3 above, also 210 left by the late Mary Harvey of Wigan, deceased, widow of Robt. Harvey, on trust as in 2 above.24 June 1785
GB127.L85/6/7/6Copy of Trust deed: Agreenment of (i) Rev. Robt. Latham, Rev. Thos. Whitehead, Thos. Jarrard, Geo. Green (acting trustees) and (ii) Wm. Hulton, Jas. Rothwell, son of the Rev. Rich. Rothwell of Sephton, Rich. Crompton of Westhoughton, Thos. Nuttall of Rumworth, Wm. and Thos. Green. sons of Geo. Green of Westhoughton, chapman, Roger Pendlebury, Gerrard Pendlebury, John Hargreaves, Richard Pinnington (hereby appointed trustees) to put out at interest sums of money mentioned in 5 above on trust as in 2 above.23 Dec. 1785
GB127.L85/6/7/7Resolutions of a meeting of trustees28 Dec. 1809
GB127.L85/6/8St. Thomas's Schools, Lostock
GB127.L85/6/8/1-2Plans: Land at Lostock Junction proposed to be let to Rev. H.S. Patterson for a school. Tempest Estate Office, Bolton. Ink and watercolours on tracing paper. Size: 33 x 22 cms.21 Aug. 1878 and no date
GB127.L85/6/8/3Plan of proposed alterations of offices etc., St. Thomas's Schools, Lostock. Ink and watercolours on tracing cloth. Size: 48 x 27 cms.10 Feb. 1881
GB127.L85/6/9Morris Green School, Middle Hulton.
GB127.L85/6/9/1Names of executors of late Duke of Bridgewater, acres and annual value.Watermarked 1829
GB127.L85/6/9/2Copy attornment of Rev. Henry Sheridan Patterson as tenant of the trustees of Francis, late Duke of Bridgewater for Morris Green School monthly from 1 Jan. 1879 at annual rent of 1/-. School to be used as a Day or Sunday School in accordance with the principles of the Church of England.7 Feb. 1879
GB127.L85/6/10Hulton School, Four Lane Ends
GB127.L85/6/10/1Minutes13 Jan. 1887 - 1 Sept. 1903
GB127.L85/6/10/2Minutes8 Oct. 1903 - 21 Oct. 1927
GB127.L85/6/11Trust Deed: Certified copy, 14 Mar. 1906 of grant by (i) Wm. Wilbraham Blethyn Hulton of Hulton Park, esq., (ii) Benj. Newbatt of 15, St. James's Sq., City of Westminster, esq. (actuary of the Clerical Medical and General Life Insurance Society), (iii) Lionel Smith Beale, esq., M.B., Right Hon. Sir John Robt. Mowbray, Baronet, M.P., and Rich. Douglas Powell, esq., M.D., all of 15, St. James's Sq., Westminster, (three of the Directors of the Society) (iv) Chas. Lister of Ogden Hall, Lymm, co. Chester, esq., Fred Campbell Hulton of Preston, esq., and Geo. Eustace Hulton of Manchester, gent. To (v) The Board of Finance of the Diocese of Manchester -- land in Deane -- upon various trusts: for the purpose of erecting a school 'for the religious, moral and intellectual education of children ... of the poorer classes'. Plan (25 x 21 cms.)13 Apr. 1887
GB127.L85/6/12Correspondence about the Establishment of the Hulton School, Fours Lane End
GB127.L85/6/12/1-8Correspondence of Rev. H.S. Patterson and W.W.B. Hulton with the Education Department, Whitehall, about merging St. Andrew's School, Edge Fold, Rosemary Lane School, Middle Hulton and the Hulton School, Over Hulton30 June 1886 - 7 Feb. 1887
GB127.L85/6/12/9Copy, 15 May 1888, of financial arrangements for Over and Middle Hulton School.Apr. 1886
GB127.L85/6/12/10-13Notes on rights of vicarsUndated
GB127.L85/6/13Dispute over Collections at Services in Deane and Hulton Schools8 Aug. 1889
GB127.L85/6/14Dispute Over Dancing in Hulton School
GB127.L85/6/14/1-2Notice from Rev. H.S. Patterson that he will not conduct holy communion if dancing is permitted contrary to a previous agreement, and telegram26 Mar. 1894 and 19 May 1894
GB127.L85/6/14/3Letter to James Gregory, Secretary of Managers, from W.W.B. Hulton disputing that there ever was such an agreement.21 May 1894
GB127.L85/6/15Dispute Over Holding Services in Hulton School
GB127.L85/6/15/1Notice read by lay reader at close of his sermon in the school about possible cessation of services because of lack of funds.6 May 1894
GB127.L85/6/15/2Draft letter from Managers hoping agreement can be reached with the vicar.13 May 1894
GB127.L85/6/15/3Copy letter from Rev. H.S. Patterson to the Managers requesting payment of money due to him.23 May 1894
GB127.L85/6/15/4Opinion of E.P. Charlewood that Mr. Hulton was justified in withholding funds15 Feb. 1895
GB127.L85/6/16Dispute with Dr. Marsh15 Feb. 1893
GB127.L85/6/17Plan: Plans, elevation and section of Hulton Schools. Ink and watercolours on tracing paper. Archt: Thos. E. Smith, Bolton Size: 95 x 60 cms.Undated
GB127.L85/6/18Water Supply: Copy of agreement between the Managers of Hulton School and the Corporation of Bolton to supply water to Hulton School.10 Aug. 1908
GB127.L85/6/19/1-3Electricity Supply: Correspondence and specification from Lancashire Electric Power Co. about supplying electricity to Hulton School; also includes specification of Bolton Corporation Gas and Electric Fittings Dept., for supplying electricity to Hulton St. Andrew's Mission Church, 10 Aug. 1914 (8).June 1914 - 5 Jan. 1915
GB127.L85/6/20Insurance Policies
GB127.L85/6/20/1Northern Assurance Co. Fire Policies.2 Dec. 1904
GB127.L85/6/20/2Northern Assurance Co. Fire Policies.6 May 1920
GB127.L85/7/1/1Award and plan (130 x 75 cms.) for commons in the manors of Farnworth and Kearsley19 Oct. 1798
GB127.L85/7/1/2Letter to Rev. H.S. Patterson from James Govane Duncan of Bolton, advertising contractor, asking to see the Horwich inclosure.1 Oct. 1896
GB127.L85/7/2Tithe Apportionments and Maps
GB127.L85/7/2/1Map: (42 x 32 cms.)Farnworth, 11 Mar. 1845. Certified copy 25 Apr. 1851
GB127.L85/7/2/2Plan: Plan of Estate called Rogerstead, belonging to Le Gendre (N. Starkie. (60 x 50 cms.)Heaton, 25 Apr. 1845. Certified copy, 19 Feb. 1853
GB127.L85/7/2/3Map: 1851 (65 x 88 cms.)Horwich and Halliwell, 14 Nov. 1845. Certified copy, 28 Apr. 1852
GB127.L85/7/2/4Map: 1853 (46 x 48 cms.)Kearsley, 23 Nov. 1844. Certified copy, 13 Oct. 1853
GB127.L85/7/2/5Map: (60 x 37 cms.)Little Hulton, 23 Nov. 1844. Certified copy, 17 Apr. 1851
GB127.L85/8/1/1Lease for 999 years by Thomas Nuttall of Rumworth, chapman to William Thornley of Halliwell, cotton twister of land in Eddish Field, Halliwell, for 42/- rent. Thornley to erect a dwelling house. Tenants of a farm called Boot to have right to draw water from a well on the land.5 Sept. 1786
GB127.L85/8/1/2Lease for 999 years by same to John Pendlebury of Halliwell wheelmaker, for 15/- rent. Pendlebury to erect a house.8 Jan. 1790
GB127.L85/8/2/1Letters of administration of the goods of Robert Green of Westhoughton, widow, granted to George Green, his son.13 Nov. 1654
GB127.L85/8/2/2Copy of will of John Farnworth of Farnworth, yeoman22 Feb. 1825
GB127.L85/8/3Hulton Family
GB127.L85/8/3/1-2Extracts from baptism registers, 1664/5 - 1768 and marriage registers, 1700-1726, of members of Hulton familyWatermarked 1803
GB127.L85/8/3/3Affidavit of Jane Tyrrell Boyce, wife of William Tyrrell Boyce of St. Marylebone, Middx., widow of William Hulton, late of Hulton Park, about her children by William Hulton, 1786-1799.1 Oct. 1836
GB127.L85/8/4A list of small landowners who do not reside in Westhoughton, and resident landowners.Watermarked 1821
GB127.L85/8/5Plan of a Mechanism (Clock?)
GB127.L85/8/5/1Plan of a Mechanism (Clock?): Ink and watercolours on tracing paper. Scale: 3 inches = 1 ft. Size: 94 x 66 cms.Undated
GB127.L85/8/5/2Plan of a Mechanism (Clock?): Pencil on tracing paper. Size: 66 x 55 cms.Undated
GB127.L85/8/6Printed Papers
GB127.L85/8/6/1Notice of vestry meeting for the ratepayers of Rumworth12 Mar. 1892
GB127.L85/8/6/2Bolton, Turton and Westhoughton Extension Bill.1898
GB127.L85/8/7History: Illustrated booklet to mark the completion of restoration work, 1983 - 1986.1986

Administrative History

The earliest reference to a church at Deane is in a 13th century deed. It was a chapelry within the parish of Eccles until 1538 when it became an independent parish, comprising the townships of Rumworth, Farnworth, Kearsley, Heaton, Horwich, Halliwell, Westhoughton, Little Hulton, Middle Hulton and Over Hulton. Horwich, Westhoughton and Little Hulton were ancient chapelries.

During the 19th century the ancient chapelries were assigned their own Districts and new churches were built, thus reducing the size of the original parish:-

St. John's, Farnworth, was assigned the townships of Farnworth and Kearsley by Order in Council, 23 July 1828, (London Gazette, 13 Jan. 1829).
St. Peter's, Halliwell, was assigned the township of Halliwell, by Bishop's Instrument, 31 October 1840.
Holy Trinity, Horwich, was assigned the township of Horwich, by Order in Council, 29 December 1853, (London Gazette, 10 January 1854).
St. Bartholomew's, Westhoughton, was assigned part of the township of Westhoughton, by Order in Council, 23 January 1860, (London Gazette, 25 January).
St. John the Evangelist, Wingates, was assigned the rest of Westhoughton by Order in Council, 26 March 1860, (London Gazette, 31 March).
St. Paul's, Walkden Moor, by Order in Council, 27 July 1863, (London Gazette, 28 July).
St. Paul, Peel, Little Hulton, by Order in Council, 17 March 1874, (London Gazette, 20 March)
St. John the Baptist, Little Hulton, by Order in Council, 7 February 1877, (London Gazette, 20 February).
St. George the Martyr, Daubhill, by Order in Council, 2 March 1881, (London Gazette, 4 March).
Christ Church, Heaton, was assigned the townships of Heaton and Rumworth, by Order in Council, 15 January 1897, (London Gazette, 19 January).
St. Bede, Morris Green, by Order in Council, 11 October 1923 (London Gazette, 12 October).

In 1981 by Pastoral Order, 16 September, (London Gazette, 23 September), part of Deane was assigned to Emmanuel, Bolton and St. George the Martyr, Daubhill, and part was transferred from St. George the Martyr.

Related Material

The Archives Department also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Papers, c 1845, (MS f 942.72 R121 vol. 21); a 19th c. copy of a list of church goods, 1552 (L122/2/12/1); a 19th c. copy of letters patent of 21 Nov. 1538 making Deane a parish church (L122/1/10/4); extracts from the will of Thos. Nuttall of Rumworth making a bequest to Deane church Sunday School, 1814 (L122/7/1/1-3); and a letter from W. Warrington referring to work on stained glass windows in Deane church, 1845 (M383/2/18/3).

Further research has unearthed a lot more information. A search for 'Deane Parish' on the National Archives site has thrown up 13,740 references. Many of these, of course, are not relevant to our own Deane Parish.