The Hulton Door

For many years there had been a private door leading to the Hulton Chapel. Reference to this is found in the following letter:
"We the Churchwardens for the different Hamlets or Townships within the Parish of Dean according to our Resolutions passed at a Parish Meeting Held in the Church at Dean the sixth day of November 1766 Do petition William Hulton Esqr of Hulton Park to allow the Parish Liberty to pafs through his door on the south side the Church as witnefs our Hands......" and signed by seven churchwardens.

During the 1884 restoration by agreement with Mr.Hulton, this doorway was built up on the inside, as it was considered draughty. About this time too, the screen round the chapel was erected. There is no evidence of its position on the inside but the door itself remained until the 1990s.

In 1950 Sir Roger Hulton, Bart., consented to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners appropriating the chapel to the parish.