John Heaton Partington

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, one of the churchwardens wrote an account of Deane Church and some of the more important occurrences within the parish. It was a manuscript that was made into a book and given to Chetham's Library, Manchester, around 1904. In 2012, one of the members of the Deane congregation persuaded Chetham's to scan the book, and then embarked on a quest to transcribe the hand-written text. Below are the first drafts, but the reader should be aware that John Heaton Partington was a scholar and had a good understanding of Latin. There are extracts from very old documents which have remained in archive for around thirty years as the conditions at the church were allowing them to decay.

The handwriting in certain parts are difficult to read and as Latin is not a widely used medium in the 21st century, some errors are likely to have been made in the transcription. There are numerous notes which almost doubles the size of the main manuscript. A decision was taken early on that these notes would be added at a later date, once the main body had been transcribed. Additional information will be added as the work progresses, but please be aware that it will take a long time.

Although not specifically broken into sections, modern techniques make it easier to do so.

Section2: Chaplains, Curates, & Vicars of Deane