Royal Coat Of Arms

Royal Coat of Arms

The Royal Coat-of-arms hangs over the North Door. For many years no writing or ornaments had been allowed to appear on the walls of the church, but in 1739 this ban was raised, as the following account shows:-

"Pd. for writing ye Commandments, ye Creed and ye Lord's Prayer £6 18s 6d."

" Iron work for ye Tables on wch. ye Commandments etc. hang 7s 2d."

Willm Hurst for ye Frames on wch. ye Commandments were wrote £4 17s 11d.

for ye Kings Coat of Arms £1 15s 0d.

The Rev. H.S.Patterson found the coat-of-arms stored away. It was soon after his institution that the advowson was purchased by the Simeon Trustees, and he re-hung the coat-of-arms, which will remind future generations that the patronage of the living had for so long been vested in the Crown. It had at one time been directed that the Royal Coat-of-Arms should be placed in full view of the preacher as a warning that he speak no word derogatory to the Crown.