Old Books

The following is extracted from the guide of 1957. As mentioned elsewhere, many of our old documents have been put into archive and our treasures are securely stored in bank vaults.

The church has possessed for many years the following old books:-

  • A bible of 1549.
  • A fac-simile of the original 1662 copy of the Prayer Book.
  • The Book of Homilies, 1623.
  • Foxe's Book of Martyrs, 1641.
  • A Charles II Prayer Book, 1669.
  • The Works of Bishop Jewell, 1631.
  • Burnet's History of the Reformation, 1681.

The following books were added more recently (probably late 1940s or early 1950s) by a donor:-

  • The Geneva Version of the Bible, 1582. (This is known as "The Breeches Bible. " Genesis III, 7, reads: "and they fewed figge tree leaves together, and made then felves breeches.")
  • A Queen Elizabeth Prayer Book and "Breeches Bible," dated 1579, in one volume.
  • Jeremy Taylor's Life and Death of Holy Jesus - 1655, 1st Edn. (This copy originally belonged to Richard Durnford, Bishop of Chichester, once Rector of Middleton.)
  • The History of John Bradford, also the Life of Rev. Rich. Rothwell. Likewise The Life and Martyrdom of George Marsh- printed in Bolton, 1787.
  • Seven Sermons by Robert Russell, 1787, printed by B.Jackson, Bolton.
  • An Appendix to the Horae Homileticae, containing Nine Sermons before the University, on the Law and Gospel, by the Rev. C.Simeon, M.A., Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Six vols., 1828.