The Graveyard - Numbering Scheme

The graveyard at Deane is one of the largest Church graveyards in the country, certainly in Lancashire.

It has been divided into areas where graves are usually numbered in rows. They are not, however, consistent in the way that is done.

This is how the numbering is done. But there are always exceptions! As it is so complicated, more information will be added when available.

Section A
A/A/001 to A/A/010
A/B/001 to A/B/011
A/C/001 to A/C/010
A/D/001 to A/D/010
A/E/001 to A/E/010
A/F/001 to A/F/010
A/G/001 to A/G/010
Section B
B/A/001 to B/A/010
B/B/001 to B/B/010
B/C/001 to B/C/010
B/D/001 to B/D/010
B/E/001 to B/E/010
Section B1
B1/A/001 to B1/A/010
B1/B/001 to B1/B/010
B1/C/001 to B1/C/010
B1/D/001 to B1/D/010
B1/E/001 to B1/E/010
B1/F/001 to B1/F/010
B1/G/001 to B1/G/013
B1/H/001 to B1/H/010
B1/J/001 to B1/J/010
B1/K/001 to B1/K/010
Section C
C/A/001 to C/A/020
C/B/001 to C/B/020
C/C/001 to C/C/020
C/D/001 to C/D/016
C/E/001 to C/E/016
C/F/001 to C/F/016
C/G/001 to C/G/016
C/H/001 to C/H/016
C/J/001 to C/J/016
C/K/001 to C/K/016
C/L/001 to C/L/016
C/M/001 to C/M/016
Section C1
C1/001 to ?
Section D
D/001 to D/392
Section D1
D1/001 to D1/048
Section E
E/001 to E/060
Section EE
EE/001 to EE/077
Section EE1
EE1/001 to EE1/026
Section F
F/00/001 to F/00/060
F/01/001 to F/01/060
F/02/001 to F/02/060
F/03/001 to F/03/060
Section G
G/001 to G/280
Section H
H/00/001 to H/00/040
H/01/001 to H/01/040
H/02/001 to H/02/040
H/03/001 to H/03/040
H/04/001 to H/04/040
H/05/001 to H/05/040
H/06/001 to H/06/040
H/07/001 to H/07/040
Section K
K/00/001 to K/00/040
K/01/001 to K/01/040
K/02/001 to K/02/040
K/03/001 to K/03/040
K/04/001 to K/04/040
K/05/001 to K/05/040
K/06/001 to K/06/040
K/07/001 to K/07/040
K/08/001 to K/08/040
K/09/001 to K/09/040
K/10/001 to K/10/040
Section KK
KK/00/001 to KK/00/059
KK/01/001 to KK/01/059
KK/02/001 to KK/02/059
KK/03/001 to KK/03/059
KK/04/001 to KK/04/059
KK/05/001 to KK/05/059
KK/06/001 to KK/06/059
Section L
L/00/001 to L/00/019
L/01/001 to L/01/019
L/02/001 to L/02/019
L/03/001 to L/03/019
L/04/001 to L/04/019
L/05/001 to L/05/019
L/06/001 to L/06/019
L/07/001 to L/07/019
L/08/001 to L/08/019
L/09/001 to L/09/019
Section N
N/00/001 to N/00/037
N/01/001 to N/01/037
N/02/001 to N/02/037
N/03/001 to N/03/037
N/04/001 to N/04/037
N/05/001 to N/05/037
N/06/001 to N/06/037
N/07/001 to N/07/037
N/08/001 to N/08/037
N/09/001 to N/09/037
Section R
R/01/001 to R/01/030
R/02/001 to R/02/030
R/03/001 to R/03/030
R/04/001 to R/04/030
R/05/001 to R/05/030
R/06/001 to R/06/030
R/07/001 to R/07/030
R/08/001 to R/08/030
R/09/001 to R/09/030
R/10/001 to R/10/030
R/11/001 to R/11/030
R/12/001 to R/12/030
R/13/001 to R/13/030
R/14/001 to R/14/030
R/15/001 to R/15/030