Rev. William Rothwell

Rev. William Rothwell, who belonged to an old Bolton family, was the first vicar appointed by the Crown in 1542. He claimed in a lawsuit the continued payment of £4 per annum which he said had previously been paid by the Vicar of Eccles as stipend to the parsons of Saynte Mariden. His claim, however, was dis-allowed, for when Deane became independent Eccles had sustained loss by reason of the fees from weddings, burials and purifications which aforetime came from Deane to Eccles. William Rothwell later became chaplain to Edward VI.

Rev. William Rothwell's successor is not known. In a record dated 1557 it was written, "the preacher was insufficient," and "no preacher, idem est, one unable to preach." There were many incapable clergy. They and others displaced by the closing of chantries were put on pension.

An item came to light after an enquiry. In a magazine, Old South East Lancashire, that had an extremely short publication lifetime of only four editions, we find an article on page 132 about Rothwell's claim for payment from the Church at Eccles.