Lambeth Palace

Some of the official documents are held at the archive at Lambeth Palace, the Church of England's headquarters, in London.

The search for "Deane"brings up many other churches with Deane in the name but below are most (if not all) links to our own St Mary's, Deane.

COMM III/1, p. 40 Deane Church, Lancashire.
COMM VIa/7 p.511 Deane, Lancashire.
COMM VIa/10 p.229 Deane Church, Lancashire.
COMM VII/3, pp. 10, 57 Deane, Lancashire.
COMM XIIc/1, p. 58 Deane, Lancashire.
COMM XIIc/4, p. 10 Deane, Lancashire.
ECE/7/1/7127 Westhoughton P.C.: Co. Lancaster, Dio. Manchester - Glebe Lease to Mr. John Seddon - Patron: the Vicar of Deane 1850-1851
ECE/7/1/12110 Deane V.: Co. Lancaster, Dio. Manchester - Addition to Churchyard - ['Table of Fees' crossed out] 1857-1940
ECE/11/1/3079 Deane Vicarage Church Site 1823
ECE/11/1/3690 Ringley District out of Prestwich Rectory and Deane Vicarage1843
NS/7/1/3910 Deane nr. Bolton 1831-1980
QAB/7/3/F1374 Deane: Dio. Manchester 1815-1845