Churchwardens' Staves

The six silver-mounted churchwardens' staves add dignity on special occasions. Two are inscribed 1844, two 1870, and two 1904.

Deane is a little peculiar in that we have three Churchwardens instead of the usual two. The explanation is under the entry about Rev. John Russell Line. We also have two more at St Andrew's, Over Hulton (an outreach church) which brings our total up to five.

The two dated 1844 are also inscribed DEANE PARISH CHURCH.

The two dated 1870 have no other markings except the hallmarks.

One of the 1904 staves is engraved "Presented by Miss Gertrude May Wolfenden" with DEANE PARISH CHURCH 1904 on the top.

The final stave was "Presented by MRS S. WOLFENDEN 1904"

The mace or verge which the sexton used to carry before the preacher was presented to the church by friends of Ald. John Miles when he became Mayor of Bolton in 1901; he was organist for fifty three years. It is surmounted by a silver pelican, and at the base is a monk's head with a shield inscribed, "Hominum Piscatores" (Fishers of men), the motto of Whalley Abbey. This is with the rest of the church silver, secure in a bank vault.