Rev. Henry Sheridan Patterson

Rev. Henry Sheridan Patterson was appointed to the living of Deane in 1877 by the Lord Chancellor "in full right on behalf of the Crown." This same year the advowson was purchased by the Simeon Trustees. From 1862 to 1865 Mr.Patterson had been a missionary in India. Before coming to Deane he was Rector of Great-with-Little Bartlow, Cambridgeshire. Many of our parishioners and others outside the church remember Rev. H.S.Patterson, and the account of the work carried out during his time is evidence of his zeal for the well-being of the church. He resigned the living in 1912.

Extract from History of the County Palatine of Lancaster (Vol 3)

1877 - Henry Sheridan Patterson, the present vicar, like his predecessor, was presented by Lord Chancellor Cairns, and instituted April 7, 1877. He was educated at the Church Missionary College, Islington, and ordained deacon by the Bishop of London, 1862, and admitted to priest's orders by the Bishop of Calcutta in 1865. From 1862 to 1866 he laboured as a missionary in connection with the Church Missionary Society. Returning to England in the last-named year he accepted the curacy of Bath Abbey Church, and in the following year that of Melksham, which he held until 1871, when he was appointed to the curacy of St. Mary's, Leamington. In 1872 he was presented to the rectory of Great-with-Little Bartlow, near Linton, in Cambridgeshire, and held that living until 1877, when he resigned to undertake the charge of Dean. Mr. Patterson is a surrogate of the diocese of Manchester.